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8-31-06 (49-76) Focusing on the topic of shelter Something over your head How is it done? Some animals have the exact answer to that question, the information is encoded or instinctive Humans have the disadvantage, don’t know automatically what must be done for shelter What makes you normal are fundamentally learned. Western architecture Menhir, Carnac, France, 3 rd millennium B.C. Is it architecture? It gives definition to a particular geography (landmark) The architecture is not just the object but the space that the object defines and occupies. Kermario Stone Alignment, Carnac, France 3 rd Millennium B.C. Community coming together to define shape, form, space Gives understanding to meaning of life and the existence of life
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Unformatted text preview: Kermario Tombs, Carnac, France • Shelter for the dead • Technology used was extreme temperature (freeze it and split the rock) • Made for those that need no shelter • What is the purpose of a tomb? Life after death? Monument? Stone hedge with ditch in ground Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, England, 2750-1500 B.C. • Tribute to the heavens, to what is above. Different cultures, different understandings of purposes in the world. Stones create a sort of directionality, the ceremonial feel of a gathering, without them, it is simply moving from one space to another, rather than moving toward a space from one, a journey in one sense. Distance is a perceptual thing, not measured in exact terms....
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