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Greek Hist. Ackropolis of Athens, 25 th Century B.P. House built for Athena/ fit for Athena Not to be actually entered Temples are links between the gods and mortals Olympia: one of the main sanctuaries for Zeus Greek Shrine Sanctuary of Apollo Columns wrap to conceal core Solids are in even numbers, voids are in odd numbers, idea of perfection. (even columns, odd entrances) Music in mathematical terms ***Greeks build based on proportion, not shape (3 to 5, rather than rectangular) Column is supposed to articulate the support Retains wooden character (beams holding roofs up), made out of stone and monumentalized Every piece is key in proportioning other pieces. The columns don’t just hold up the structure, they articulate what has been done with form. (“hold it up with style”), drama between load and support, how the load gets transferred. Greeks wanted to figure out how to reach a balance, harmony (emphasis on balance) One piece reaches up to meet the other piece, directionality with
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Unformatted text preview: shape. Architecture is a vehicle for making what is invisible visible. Aware that you are constantly looking at the architecture… they make the visual contradict the reality (weight example) Base is always convex, greek architecture doesn’t have straight lines, it is all distorted. The temples must appear imperfect in order to appear perfect, must look twisted to look straight. At a distance, straight lines look curved. Colors on temples… (loud colors) Outer and inner layers, solids and voids, play between space, contemplative architecture, appeals to intellect rather than emotions. Temples always face east, so that the sun would come right in through the door, look through the row of columns to see the statue at the end. All to catch a glimpse of the statue at the end of the row. Temples sites were determined by some sacred event....
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