Taxation and Economic Policy

Taxation and Economic Policy - within that policy area 9...

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Taxation and Economic Policy 1. Basic models for organizing an economy 2. Fiscal and monetary policy 3. Tax policy 4. Major sources of revenue and major expenditures 5. The budget process 6. The types of policy: distributive, redistributive, and regulatory 7. The policy process 8. Iron triangles and issue networks a. Bureaucracy b. Congressional Subcommittee c. Interest Groups d. Issue Networks i. An issue network is a set of individuals including public officials and representatives of various interests who have expertise within a given policy area, and who comes together, usually temporarily, to work on a particular problem
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Unformatted text preview: within that policy area 9. Current account balances a. The current account balance summarizes a country’s current transactions with the rest of the world, which include trade, income from international investments, and transfers b. Currently we are going into debt at the rate of approx 7% of our GDP per year, and our total foreign debt is an ever increasing % of GDP c. This is accounted for by our high trade deficit, low national savings rate, and high government deficit...
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