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Stress and Stress Management PYSCH 180-04 Professor Devlen 5 October 2007
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I. Stressors: I don’t find many things stressful, but I still get stressed. My main stressor has been school work; to be more specific, my first year seminar. There is a lot of reading for this course and I haven’t had any time to sufficiently complete my reading. Every time I have class I get stressed before because I don’t know the material as well as I would want to. The other aspect of my first year seminar that has me stressing is all of the outside of class work that needs to be done. This work is in the form of guest lecture credit, volunteer work at Project Share, required trips, and other required events. Due to my commitment to the Army ROTC program here on campus it’s all but impossible for me to attended most of these outside of class events. If I don’t go to these events it not only hurts my grade directly but also hurts me when we must use our experiences in papers or in classroom discussions. The main stress due to this class is based on trying to find time to do my reading and attend the events outside of class and the negative impact that I know is occurring on my grade in that course. I also have two new stressors due to my involvement in ROTC: the US Army 10 Mile Race and the Ranger Challenge Competition. The Army 10 Miler is on 7 OCT and the Ranger Challenge Competition is on 20-21 OCT. These stressors are long term and are based on my preparedness and having to perform at a very high level with high expectations as a First-Year. I’m really familiar with the stress that is caused by a really big race due to my experiences as the top runner on my high school cross-country and track and field teams. II. Stress Responses:
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stress - Stress and Stress Management PYSCH 180-04...

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