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3.15 notes - ATP made at the end of 2 nd one-NADPH 2 forms...

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Energy transduction reactions-photo Light reactions, light dependent reactions Light energy -> chemical energy Carbon fixation reactions (dark reactions, light independent reactions) (take place in membranes) Chemical energy used -> to build -> a food molecule (sugar) (take place in stroma) Building materials: carbon dioxide ****all taking place in chloroplasts**** Photosystem Chlorophyll A- gets oxidized, gives electron to electron acceptor Linked together by way of redox reactions of the electron transport chain. ATP made in aerobic respiration Photosystems attached by 1 electron transport chain, 2 nd chain at end of cycle -can build ATP synthesis, electrons donated, traveled down electron transport chain, create ATP, ATP goes to corresponding photosystem (energies of electrons different, no
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Unformatted text preview: ATP made at the end of 2 nd one)-NADPH 2 forms of chemical energy made from light chemical reactions-ATP-NADPH Provide energy for reduction reactions NONCYCLE CALLED Z-SCHEME…flow of e-Electrons end in NADPH, not cycle around Cyclic electron flow Photolosys-replenish electrons Light –dependent reactions Light energy absorbed, water split-pigments Electron transport chains ATP and NADPH created Contribute hydrogen ions Carbon fixation reactions Calvin cycle: synthesis Starch and sucrose Calvin cycle, regenerates receptor molecules (brought Carbon dioxide in in the fist place) Carbon Dioxide fixation-6 carbon molecule becomes 2 3-cabon molecules C4 Photosynthesis- spatially separated photosynthesis...
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3.15 notes - ATP made at the end of 2 nd one-NADPH 2 forms...

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