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Botany notes - Diffusion movement caused from difference in...

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2/7 Botany notes Unique to plants as they move to mitosis- has to move to the center of the cell, phragmosome, moves vacuole out of way, aligns nucleus in center Phrogmosome-strands of cytoplasm Preprophase band- cytoskeleton of microtubules Both unique to plants Endoplasmic retuculm-associated with fusing golgi vessels New cell wall where fusing golgi apparatus is. How cells operate Many activities built on membranes Molecular constituent of cells- 90% + water Greater pressure in tube, lower inside Ablility of water to do work- water potential Gravity and pressure and temperature can cause difference in water movement
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Unformatted text preview: Diffusion- movement caused from difference in concentration 2 gradients exist, higher concentration in onfe, lower in another Direction of movement of dye molecules, to lower concentration Cells move from 1) high water potential to lower 2) lower solute concentration to higher 3) higher osmotic potential to lower Which endosymbiotically originated organelle requires CO2-chloroplast Phosopholipid bilayer is fluid Diffusion of water occurs because of difference in concentration Water-extremely good solvent...
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