2 - Proscriptions listSulla wanted to rule by terror, one...

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2/20 Notes Late Roman Republic I. Tiberius Gracchus II. Gaius Gracchus III. Marius vs. Sulla Mid 100s BC- Romans have provinces all around Mediterranean…all what had been Carthiginean territory…taxes coming in yearly from every territory. Senate gives reward- Roman governor of territories…best way to earn $$$ Roman politicians-typically vastly in debt, borrow $ to influence political career early on, hopes of becoming governor—pay off all debts (illegally and corrupt) Slaves run estates while rulers are gone (Roman governors sell slaves in provinces) Taxes contribute to military-poor could not be drafted, farming…drafted into legions Equites-horsemen, wealthy businessmen, gain full right of taxation in provinces. 2/22/07 I. Optimates vs. Triumvirate II. Caesar’s Dictatorship III. Rise of Octavian/Agustus IV. The Emperor Optimates-ideal citizens Sulla-Dictator, believed himself ideal citizen
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Unformatted text preview: Proscriptions listSulla wanted to rule by terror, one of 1 st great totalitarian leaders Any Roman can take your head if you are on this list Optimates-thrilled opposing party after Sulla died, opposed laws to help common people-very worried Triumvirate-3 men, who pooled resources to support each othergain Roman politicians benefits- Caesar, Pompey & Crassus Pompey- the greatest general in Roman history, family from northern Italynot true Roman Gaius Julius Caesar- at 19, put on Proscription list, enemy of Sulla, youngest member of triumvirate, thought he was equal of any great Roman politician Cato-greatest spokesperson of the Optomate conservatives, Caesar was plotting to seize power and overthrow city Octavian most brilliant politician18 year old, won over Caesars military veterans...
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2 - Proscriptions listSulla wanted to rule by terror, one...

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