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4-3 - Shiate-muslims who believe that prophet’s family...

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Byzantines and Turks Defeated by Turks, lose most of Eastern Territory Basil II- gives Byzantine’s chance of expansion in North -Slavic people, merciless use of power over Bulgarians Bulgarians-possible overthrow of Byzantine empire Captured emperor, turned head into drinking cup After Mohammed death-title for followers Caliphs-successor of prophet Mohammed Only surviving child-daughter named Fatima Married Mohammed’s cousin “Ali” had a son named Husayn Umayyads-stationed in Damascus Suni muslims- status quo
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Unformatted text preview: Shiate-muslims who believe that prophet’s family unjustly robbed of right to rule Baghdad Suni and Shiate, constantly at war with each other Turks, control what is now Turkey Test Byzantine defenses Turks most powerful military force in Middle East Crusades-find Salvation. Peasantry-got involved in war in Medieval Europe, unexpected Saladin-from northern Iraq, General in Shiate court in Cairo Lauched coup Invades crusade kingdoms, 1171, overconfidence in crusaders...
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