4-5 - 20 of all British land goes to royal family and...

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4/5 I. Capetian France and Norman England II. Elenor and Henry II III. France on the Rise Hugh Capet-controls Paris Wessex The professor-considered saintly figure Herold Godwinson William of Normandy-kidnaps Godwinson (heir to British throne) Edward the Confessor died Godwinson becomes king, William tries to invade England and take power Herald the Christian King of Norway-Viking, Christian Monarch, warrior, wants to invade from North…become king Hastings Norman calvary defeats British troops
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Unformatted text preview: 20% of all British land goes to royal family and domain 80% Norman nobles Domesday book- massive census, detailed books to centralize power…exploit pesantry Elenor: Duchess of Aquitaine- most capable woman in Middle Ages Smart, keeping up power Louis VII marries Elenor, doubles French territories Elenor cannot produce male heir, divorces her Henry II vassel of Lous VII, marries Elenor Has 2 boys with Henry II, John and Richard the Lionheart...
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