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History 3/29/07 I. Medieval Society II. Medieval Church III. IV. The Church and Education Populations surge in Europe- Vikings cease attacks, building of mills…grind grain into bread making substance Plow-iron bladed, cultivate soil Change in strategy of farming (3-field system) Always have 2/3 of a field, with different types of crops Leave last 1/3 empty, still plow and fertilize (fertile and productive soil) Villages scattered and filled with peasant population-tied to landlord Knights on calvary-allowed social system to flourish, impose authority over large crowd Stirrups-provide more mobility Castellans-Castle owner, fortification (men who own and dominate land)
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Unformatted text preview: Only eldest sons inherit from Castellan leaders, daughters and younger sons cut out “man at arms” younger brothers swear allegiance and become knight-loyalty to older brother Christian Church- shuffle off unwanted younger children of estate owners, sent to religious school- trained as monk or priest Clergy member in family-provide confession Percentage of crops-owed to church Diocese- tax districts Ruled by bishop (prince of church-authority of that area) Agustan of Hippo-City of God- manmade leaders have no control over human salvation Pope Gregory I- capitalizes on weakness of Bizantines, to build up Papacy as army with spiritual power...
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