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Ashley Rollyson History Questions Due March 1 1. What comparisons does Tacitus make between the Britons and other ethnic groups? What differences does he note and why? Tacitus compares red hair and large limbs, curly hair, and swarthy faces to those neighboring countries. It is said that the Britons show more spirit and there were military differences. 2. What does Tacitus think were the reasons for the first British revolt against Rome? The British feared enslavement by the Romans. Also, they did not wish their country to be invaded by Roman troops. 3. How is Agricola shown as different from earlier governors? What abuses did he correct upon arrival in Britain? How does Tacitus describe him as a military leader? Agricola was seen as the savior of the people. The other governors were overrun, he was to fix where they left off. However, he was trying to start a war, he tried to meet the danger. He was seen as a good governor, but an overzealous military leader. 4. What does Tacitus think of Agricola’s methods for Romanizing the British tribes?
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Unformatted text preview: Does he approve of Britons who accepted Roman culture? Tacitus agreed with Agricolas methods of Romanizing British tribes. He thought that everyone should have Roman influence. 5. What are the Scottish leader Calgacus criticisms of Roman rule? Does Tacitus intend us to think that his complaints are justified? How might Roman readers react to Calgacus speech? He sees the Romans as menaces. I believe the complaints are supposed to be justified by governmental tyranny. Roman readers should be proud for the effect theyve had on Britain, yet mildly offended that their efforts are not accepted. 6. How does Agricola rally his army for battle, and is his speech as heroic as the one by Calgacus? What are the Romans fighting for? Agricola tries to bash the character of the Romans. The Romans want to fight for property and pride. Agricolas speech was much more convincing than that of Calgacus....
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