Hundred Years War - Charles IV of France dies Isabel was...

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I. Hundred Years War II. The Black Death III. Continued War and Papal Schism IV. French Recovery French and English rivalry, English kings vassals of French If excommunicated, French king will depose English clergy…pope backed down, and allowed Edward to tax church lands Edward II- looked down upon for homosexuality Robert the Bruce-Scottish noble, rival leader with Wallace, Bruce becomes leader of unified Scottish movement French princess-Isabel, married to Edward II, marriage for political purposes Mortimer-lover of Isabel, powerful warlord Isabel and Mortimer’s knights arrest Edward II and murders Edward III heir to throne, too young to rule Isabel and Mortimer rule Isabel eventually sent to convent and imprisoned until death
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Unformatted text preview: Charles IV of France dies, Isabel was heir, Edward III only relative, also king of England Phillip Valois, becomes King Philip VI, cousin of Charles IV Succession cannot carry through a woman Battle of Crecy English longbow, gives English advantage The Black Death Bubonic Plague Fleas on rats spread plague Buboes-black in coloration, internal bleeding, dead within a week Pneumonic plague-breathing system, can be spread person to person Plague hits Paris, 200,000 people live here…800 people die per day English invades France under Henry V after French king goes mad Joan of Arc, Illiterate…seeing visions of God telling her to liberate France...
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  • Spring '08
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  • Hundred Years' War, Philip VI of France, Edward III of England, Mortimer rule Isabel, powerful warlord Isabel

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Hundred Years War - Charles IV of France dies Isabel was...

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