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Michelangelo - Rollyson 1 Michelangelo is world renowned as...

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Rollyson 1 Michelangelo is world renowned as one of the greatest artists to ever live. He experimented not only with different styles of art, but with different techniques as well. Michelangelo is considered one of the first great sculptors to be remembered for his work. The paintings of Michelangelo are also remembered with no comparison. No other artist could have completed the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with the kind of passion that this artist portrayed throughout every work he pursued. Michelangelo lived from 1474- 1564 ad. He spent most of his days in Florence, Italy. This time period in which he lived was very fortunate for the art that he created. During this Renaissance time, things were more socially acceptable than they previously had been, especially in Europe. It was becoming almost admired to do things differently than before. In this aspect, Michelangelo was a typical Renaissance man when it came to his art. His work, The David epitomized his status as such and proved to be a famed Renaissance piece of artwork. By examining the history of this statue, the physical characteristics it entails, and the after effects of its creation, it can better be understood why The David and Michelangelo’s contribution in such a piece would play such a drastic role in the reform of Renaissance artwork. Michelangelo, like most young artists of the Renaissance era, studied vigorously to become such a renowned figure. As a young boy, He endured an apprenticeship under a skilled, yet unknown artist. The artist would teach Michelangelo the value of sketching. Most importantly in the apprenticeship of Michelangelo, was his training in drawing nude male models. It was said that this was his “most valued skill”. 1 With this background of basic techniques, Michelangelo could use these foundations to develop his own unique style later in life. 1 Hunt, 454.
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Rollyson 2 An artist of similar standing as Michelangelo was one by the name of Donatello. Donatello created a bronze David sculpture very similar to that of Michelangelo.
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