(1-14)Structural Functional Perspective

(1-14)Structural Functional Perspective - ISS 215 Notes:...

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ISS 215 Notes: Structural Function Perspective 1/14/08 A) What is Structural Functional Perspective? 1) Structural functionalism looks at the social system as an integrated whole. It suggests that both parts and whole are functional and produce equilibrium. 2) Functionality may be: a) Individual : the institutions the structure is responsible to fulfill your individual level needs (for education). Examples; socialization, food, love, affection. Etc… b) Interpersonal : the need you have to social relations (mom, dad, brother sister, people.) c) Societal : these institutions around you are integrated with one another and influencing one another. B) Main Features : 1) Society as an integrated whole : any society has a system, either good or poor. 2) Systematic : will always have a system 3) Individuals Are Indispensable: individuals are a must for a social system. You want to have the same number of people dying as you there are being born, or you are losing population. 4)
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(1-14)Structural Functional Perspective - ISS 215 Notes:...

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