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(1-28)Conflict Perspective - Notes Conflict Perspective 1...

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Notes: Conflict Perspective 1/28/08 1. What is Conflict Perspective? A. The conflict theorists believe that society is a complex system characterized by inequality and conflict that generate social change. 2. Main Features: A. Various parts of social systems do not fit together harmoniously i. We may look like we are harmonious but we really are not. ii. Social order through force iii. Competing goals of individuals leads to conflicts iv. Limited resources lead to conflicts v. Conflicts is the major source of real change in society: when the classes change vi. Conflict theorists try to analyze who benefits from particular social arrangements. 3. Karl Marx and Conflict Perspective A. Evolution of Society i. Pre-class Societies: complete equality no ownership of property ii. Asiatic Societies: a cultural society. Beginning of ownership of property –inequality. iii. Ancient Societies: old civilizations- ancient Greece, Mayans, etc. . the whole city would be working for the people in power, (in
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(1-28)Conflict Perspective - Notes Conflict Perspective 1...

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