(1-30)Social Organizations and Social Institutions

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Notes: Social Organizations and Social Institutions 1/30/08 1. Social Organizations: every society has some organizations. It may be good or may be bad. Economy-everyone has it. A. What Are Social Organizations 1. Stable patterns of social relationships among individuals and groups in a society B. Main Features 1. Established structuring : there’s the father, mother, children, and the home. 2. Coordinated Functional Activities : in the family there are roles to each person-father, mother, kids-part of organization 3. The end-The results: How the parents bring up the kids and teach them all they need to know about life a. Human Agents : when you father and mother imposes the rules on you of the house hold. If you don’t follow the rules there will be a punishment and they are the punishers.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Socio-cultural Agents : C. Operation of Social Organizations: 1. Creation of human relations: associate success with hard work based on the experience and observations from the past. 2. Provisions of needs and wants: 3. Creation and maintenance of social order 4. predictability 2. Social Institutions A. What are Social Institutions? 1. All the beliefs and all the modes of conduct instituted by the collectivity (Durkheim, 1938) 2. set of rules and regulations that governs human needs B. Functions of Social Institutions 1. economic activities 2. socialization 3. education 4. social control 5. religion 6. preservation and transmission of culture C. Interdependence...
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