Law paper - Kitty Carey Law In effort to simplify and enhance Americas legal system Congress has proposed a plan to unify the law across all fifty

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Kitty Carey Law In effort to simplify and enhance America’s legal system, Congress has proposed a plan to unify the law across all fifty states by implementing universal laws. While state boundaries will remain intact, a general federal law system will replace all of the current state statutes and laws. With this new legal system, the current government will be able to regulate the nation equally. While this proposal presents a simplistic and beneficial platform, our current system’s recognition of individualized state law better supports our nation’s goals by fostering individual freedom and expression to strengthen the country and its values. America was built upon the importance of individualized rights and the freedom of choice, and those fundamentals have essentially helped create what America is and stands for today. America’s population is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse in the world, and to blanket laws across the entire population would diminish the array of social and cultural identities that contribute to America’s success. Additionally, one legal system can easily allow for an abuse of power, as seen in many countries such as Germany and on a smaller scale in Venezuela, which compromises the public interest that America values and protects. The enforcement of states’ rights helps recognize the unique composition of each state’s population. A stiff, single law system essentially attempts to repress the individuality of the US. Additionally, with a centralized government, the federal government becomes continually more involved in the daily decisions in one’s life, which eventually demolishes a person’s basic freedoms. While starting fresh with a new Constitution ideally appears to simply cleanse our system of its flaws, such a radical action would not only defy the principles for which America stands, but it would eradicate every effort and progression America has made thus far. 1
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America is a country built upon equality, thus a universal legal system would exemplify this value while creating a solid and thorough system on which the entire country could rely. In a unified law structure, the national identity is more strongly and more consistently represented by the public and legal authorities. This gives the country an outward appearance of stability. A universal legal system would not allow for individual states to create laws based on their racial views or their particular biases. In the past, America has been tainted by many events that have been unconstitutional and immoral due to the lack of unity in state laws. For example, with regulation of laws left to the states themselves, extreme measures have been enforced such as the Jim Crow laws which were implemented in the late 19 th century. Southern states created laws to keep black people away from the polls and they allowed for segregation in public places, which completely voids America’s ideals of equality. These laws essentially held our country back
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Law paper - Kitty Carey Law In effort to simplify and enhance Americas legal system Congress has proposed a plan to unify the law across all fifty

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