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social work final review guide - Social Work FINAL Review...

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Social Work FINAL Review DISIBILITIES: -Steps to take to get kids home? o -Social workers must: respect the family and their situation using empathy, be an advocate by connecting families with similar situations, your values DON’T matter here, -waiver program-medicaid, -Medical social workers provide counseling and rehabilitation support to individuals and their families. They play key roles in planning clients’ discharge from medical facilities and coordinating appropriate community resources. Avoid words with negative connotations like “handicapped” “stricken with” “birth defect” “deaf, mute” “wheelchair bound” and replace them with more affirmative words like “person who has _____” and “born with ____” “person who uses a wheelchair” “hearing impaired”. -take in to consideration the person’s social world and outside contexts. -Social workers serve the roles of case management, child development education, alternative community living arrangements, nonvocational social development services. -Deinstitutionalization aims to provide care in a less restrictive community-based service rather than in institutions which segregate people with disabilities. -Goals for social workers with their clients include establishing self respect, promoting personal competence, arranging housing, supporting employment activities, etc MENTAL HEALTH The diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM-IV-TR) includes behavioral characteristics and interactions with the environment to diagnose mental disorders. FIVE CATEGORIES/AXIS: axis 1- clinical disorders (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, substance-related disorders) axis 2- personality disorders and mental retardation (paranoid personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, mental retardation) axis 3- general medical conditions (presence of chronic or acute illness, diseases of the body) axis 4- psychosocial and environmental problems (occupational problems, economic problems, death of family member or friend, problems with health care systems) axis 5- global assessment of functioning (overall level of functioning during the last year) Depression is the worldwide leading cause of disability. 40% of social workers concentrate in mental health Clinical Social Worker—cannot prescribe anything, provides therapy, advocacy, residential group housing Examples of programs—inpatient/outpatient mental health services in private psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, correctional facilities, schools Federal, state, or local funding Deinstitutionalization resulted in dramatic reductions in the resident population of state and county mental hospitals, even the closure of many. Past 30 years, moved from long term hospitalization to community-based mental health
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social work final review guide - Social Work FINAL Review...

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