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EGEE 211 First Essay February 17, 2008 From 1845 to 1955, there was one thing in Archbald, Pennsylvania…coal. The primary railroad that went through Archbald, was the Delaware and Hudson Company Railway. It was this company that started the first mine. This mine was called White Oak located on the north side of town. The company developed the mine and all other mining extremities and associated needs. They built a breaker for the coal to be resized; however, in 1859, Delaware and Hudson sold the mine to two companies. Eleven years and several strikes later, the mine was re-sold to the Delaware and Hudson railroad, its original owners and pioneers. The production of coal at the mine steadily increased until the breaker burned down in 1899. Work continued without the breaker, although the company took a huge halt on production. The new breaker was built in 1910, and regular duties were again back in order. 1 In 1868 during the down time of the White Oak mine, another mine was established on the opposite side of the Lackawanna River. It was in the ownership of Edward Jones and George Simpson. 3 The mines worked well into the 20 th century, but by 1955 the last mine was closed, leaving Archbald with an empty economy and profitless factories surrounding its towns and homesteads. 1 Archbald is divided into two main segments on either side of the Lackawanna River. The west side is on the top part of the birds eye map, the east is on the bottom. The most populated areas resided closest to the river on both sides. The further away from the river, the fewer homesteads there were, and the more scattered apart they became. This means that the most important pieces of the town were found nearest to the river. These included institutions such as markets, doctors, municipal authorities, and
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CoalPaper1 - Melissa Bollinger & Brad Scheuer EGEE 211...

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