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hw1 - c How much is the sum of 2 5 and 2 6 represented as a...

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ECE 2500 Homework 1 Spring 2008 Computer Organization and Architecture Homework 1: Installation of SPIM and review of 2504 Assigned on: 1/15/08 Solutions due before: 11:00PM, 1/22/08 Total points possible: 10 points Part 1 (2 points) Install spim or PCspim from the CDROM that comes with the textbook. However, I recommend installing the simulator from the following website (the latest version): http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~larus/spim.html Download the assembly program that is available on the assignment page (hw1.asm). Load and run that program in the PCspim simulator. Copy the first line printed in the output window in the homework file. Refer to Appendix A (page 44) and make yourself familiar with the various system calls used in hw1.asm. Part 2 (8 points) a) What is the binary representation (8 bit, unsigned) of the decimal number 175 ? b) What is the binary representation (8 bit, two's complement) of the decimal number -51 ?
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Unformatted text preview: c) How much is the sum of 2 5 and 2 6 , represented as a power of two (i.e. 2 x with x defined by you)? d) How many bits do I need to represent the result of the multiplication of an 8 bit number and a 4 bit number? e) How much address locations does a memory with 12 address lines have? f) What is the decimal representation of the unsigned binary number 01010011 ? g) What is the hexadecimal representation of the binary number 01010011 ? h) What are the lower and upper bounds that a 32-bit signed number can represent? Format for the Solution Below is an example how your answer file should look like. Let's say your PID is ‘jsmith’. Your answer file is called ‘jsmith_hw1.txt’. Of course, this is just illustrating the formatting. ---------- File: jsmith_hw.txt ---------- Part 1: ***** Part 2: a) 110111 b) 1111110011 c) 2 ^ 66 d) 23 e) 11 f) 12 g) abc h) def ------------------------------------------...
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