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Chapter 21 Vocab

Chapter 21 Vocab - atque or ac(conj only before consonants...

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Chapter 21 casa-ae (f) house, cottage, hut causa-ae (f) cause, reason; case, situation causA (abl w a preceed gen)for the sake of, on account of fenestra-ae (f) window fInis, fInis (m) end, limit, boundary, purpose fInEs-ium (m) boundaries, territory gEns, gentis (f) clan, race, nation, people mundus-I (m) world, universe nAvis, nAvis (f) ship, boat salUs, salUtis (f) health, safety, greeting TrOia-ae (f) Troy vIcInus-I or vIcIna-ae (m)/(f) neighbor vulgus-I (n sometimes m) the common people, mob, rabble asper-a-um Rough, harsh
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Unformatted text preview: atque or ac (conj. only before consonants) and also, and even iterum (adv) again, a second time continuo-tinEre-tinuI-tentum To hold together, contain, keep, enclose, restrain iubeO, iubEre, iussI, iussum To bid, order, command iabOrO To labor, be in distress rapiO, rapere, rapuI, raptum To seize, snatch, carry away relinquO-linquere-lIquI-lictum To leave behind, leave, abandon, desert sciO, scIre, scIvI, scItum To know tango, tangere, tetigI, tActum To touch...
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  • Spring '08
  • causA fenestra-ae fInis, raptum relinquO-linquere-lIquI-lictum sciO, ac iterum continuo-tinEre-tinuI-tentum, salUtis TrOia-ae vIcInus-I, vulgus-I asper-a-um atque, iussum iabOrO rapiO

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