Chapter 29 Vocab

Chapter 29 Vocab - tam. .quam (adv) So. .as, as it were, as...

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Chapter 29 fAtum-I (n) fate; death ingenium-iI (n) nature, innate talent moenia, moenium (n pl) walls of a city nAta-ae (f) daughter osculum-I (n) kiss sIdus, sIderis (n) constellation, star dingus-a-um (adj) worthy, worthy of dUrus-a-um (adj) hard, harsh, rough, stern, unfeeling, difficult tantus-a-um (adj) so large, so great, of such great size dEnique (adv) at last, finally, lastly ita (adv w. adj, v, and adv) so, thus quidem (postpositive adv) indeed, certainly, at least, even ne. .quidem (postpositive adv) not. .even sic (adv w. v) so, thus tam (adv with adj and adv) so, to such degree
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Unformatted text preview: tam. .quam (adv) So. .as, as it were, as if, so to speak vErO (adv) in truth, indeed, to be sure, however condo-condere-condidI-conditum (verb) to put together, into, store, found, estabilish contend-contendere, contendi, contentum (verb) To strive, struggle, contend, hasten molliO-mollIre-mollIvI-mollItum (verb) to soften, make calm or less hostile pugnO(1) (verb) to fight respondeO-respondere-respondI-respOnsum (verb) to answer surgO-surgere-surrExI-surrEctum (verb)to get up, arise...
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Chapter 29 Vocab - tam. .quam (adv) So. .as, as it were, as...

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