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Chapter 30 Vocab

Chapter 30 Vocab - To drink cognOscO cognOscere cognOvI...

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Chapter 30 honor, honOris (m) honor, esteem; public office cEterI-ae-a (pl) the remaining, the rest, the other, all the others alius Another, other quantus-a-um How large, how great, how much rIdiculus-a-um Laughable, ridiculous vIvus-a-um Alive, living fUrtim (adv) stealthily, secretly mox (adv) soon prImO (adv) at first, at the beginning repente (adv) suddenly unde (adv) whence, from what or which place, from which, from whom utrum…an (conj) whether…or bibO, bibere, bibI
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Unformatted text preview: To drink cognOscO, cognOscere, cognOvI, cognitum To become acquainted with, learn, recognize comprehendO, comprehendere, comprehendI, compreheEsum To grasp, seize, arrest, comprehend, understand cOnsUmO, cOnsUmere, cOnsUmpsI, cOnsu\Umptum To consume, use up dubitO (1) To doubt, hesitate expOnO, expOnere, exposuI, expositum To set worth, explain, expose minuO, minuere, minuI, minUtum To lessen, diminish rogO (1) To ask...
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