Chapter 32 Vocab

Chapter 32 Vocab - (verb to wish want be willing will longE...

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Chapter 32 custOdia-ae (f) protection, custody exercitus-Us (m) army paupertAs, paupertAtis (f) poverty, humble, circumstances dIves, dIvitis or dItis (adj) rich pAr, paris + dat (adj) equal, like pauper, pauperis (adj) of small means, poor dummodo (conj + subj) provided that, so long as mAlO, mAlle, mAluI (verb) to want (something) more, instead, prefer nOlO, nOlle, nOluI (verb) to no. .wish, be unwilling pateO, patEre, patuI (verb) to be open, lie open, be accessible, be evident praebeO, praebEre, praebuI, praebitum (verb) to offer, provide prOmittO, prOmittere, prOmisI, prOmissum (verb) to send forth, promise volO, velle, voluI
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Unformatted text preview: (verb) to wish, want be willing, will longE Longius LongissimE far lIberE lIberius lIberrimE Freely bulchrE Pulchrius Pulcherrime Beautifully Fortiter Forties fortissimE Bravely Celeriter Celeries celerrimE Quickly Acriter Acrius acerrimE Keenly fElIciter Felicius Felicissime Happily Sapienter Sapientius Sapientissime Wisely Facile Facilius Facillime Easily Bene Melius Optime Well/better/best Male Peius Pessime Badly/worse/worst Multum plus Plurimum Much Magnopere Magis Maxime Most Parum Minus Minime Least Pro Prius Primo/primum Before/first Diu Diutius Diutissime For a long time...
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  • Spring '08
  • Poverty, Patio, Longius l Iberius Pulchrius Forties Celeries Acrius Felicius Sapientius Facilius, Iberius Pulchrius Forties, bulchrE Forti ter, Celeriter Acriter fEl

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Chapter 32 Vocab - (verb to wish want be willing will longE...

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