Chapter 34 Vocab

Chapter 34 Vocab - (verb to say speak tell mOlior morI...

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Chapter 34 anima-ae (f) soul, spirit remissiO, remissiOnis (f) letting go, release; relaxation vOx, vOcis (f) voice, word adversus-a-um (adj) opposite, adverse tAlis, tAle (adj) such, of such a sort vae (interj) alas, woe to arbitror, arbitrArI, arbitrAtus sum (verb) to judge, think cOnor, cOnArI, cOnAtus sum (verb) to try, attempt crEscO, crEscere, crEvI sum (verb) to increase Egredior, EgredI, Egressus sum (verb) to go out Fateor, fatErI, fassus sum (verb) to confess, admit Hortor, hortArI, hortAtus sum (verb) to encourage, urge Loquor, loquI, locUtus sum
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Unformatted text preview: (verb) to say, speak, tell mOlior, morI, mortuus sum (verb) to die nAscor, nAscI, nAtus sum (verb) to be born, spring forth, arise Patior, patI, passus sum (verb) to suffer, endure, permit proficIscor-ficIsI-fectus sum (verb) to set out, start rUsticor, rUsticArI, rUsticAtus sum (verb) to live in the country sedeO, sedEre, sEdI, sessum (verb) to sit Sequor, sequI, secUtus sum (verb) to follow spectO (1) (verb) to look at, see Utor, Uti, Usus sum (verb + abl) to use, enjoy, experience...
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Chapter 34 Vocab - (verb to say speak tell mOlior morI...

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