Subjunctive Clauses - Negative: nOn, nihil, nEmO, numquam,...

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Subjunctive Clauses The Jussive Subjunctive o The jussive expresses a command, especially in 1 st /3 rd person, o Recognize: Sentences main verb=subjunctive nE is for negative commands o Translate: Let SUBJUNCTIVE rest of sentence Purpose Clauses o Purpose/objective of the action in the main clause o Recognize: Introduced by ut or nE Answers the question why? For what purpose? o Translate: MAIN VERB so that may SUBJUNCTIVE MAIN VERB in order to SUBJUNCTIVE Result o Shows the result of an action. Answers the question why was it being done? What was the outcome? o Recognize: Usually begin with ut and end with a subjunctive Contain adv (ita, tam, sIc) or adj (tantus) (before ut)
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Unformatted text preview: Negative: nOn, nihil, nEmO, numquam, nUllus (after ut) o Translate: Translate the subj as an indicative w/o an auxiliary ADJ/ADV MAIN VERB (ut/ that) SUBJUNCTIVE MAIN VERB (ut) Cum Clauses o 3 types Circumstantial-when Causal-since Adverse- although (used with tamen) o Recognize: Introduced with cum Cum. .tum (not only. . but also) o Translate: Cum VERB, (tum) SUBJUNCTIVE Present Subjunctive o Translated with: may, might Imperfect Subjunctive o Translated with: Were, would, might Perfect/Pluperfect Subjunctive o Translate with: might have/would have...
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Subjunctive Clauses - Negative: nOn, nihil, nEmO, numquam,...

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