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Essay #1 - Brandon Levy Philosophy 1000 Dr Farnham...

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Brandon Levy Philosophy 1000 Dr. Farnham Implication To understand if it is possible to have a good life without being morally good, one must determine what is a good life and what is being morally good. The easiest way to explain the good life is by giving an example of a real life situation. Activities such as going to the dentist, exercising, playing an instrument or taking a shower are all practiced in order to reach an end. This end is ultimately happiness. If you think about a young inquisitive child who asks the question “Why?” after every response that you give him, the ultimate answer that a person can give to the child is “because it makes me happy.” With this said, living a good life is living a happy life. By attaining happiness through every activity that you perform, you are doing actions in accordance with virtue. To be morally good is to act accordingly with your virtuous passions. For example, a lady in front of you at the grocery store drops a 20$ bill out of her wallet and doesn’t realize it. With the options of giving it back to her or taking it allows you to make a decision, which could possibly coordinate with your virtuous passions, or good judgment. When choosing the choice of good judgment, one is being morally good. Therefore, one has to be morally good in order for him to live a good life. In Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics , Aristotle expresses similar ideas and would confidently agree that it is impossible to live a good life without being morally good. The first thing Aristotle explains is that every activity is done for an end while seeking the
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good. Some activities are accomplished to produce a product, such as making a sandwich,
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