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Cosmological Arguement

Cosmological Arguement - The cosmological argument concerns...

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The cosmological argument concerns the universal causation, or the first cause of creation. Richard Taylor argues that the existence of the universe calls for some explanation; this explanation must be in terms of some self-explanatory truth. Taylor assumes that the explanation will be to some assertion “god.” Taylor’s argument is presented as follows: (1) Everything is either dependent or self-existent. (2) Not everything can be a dependent thing. Thus, (3) there is some self-existent thing. Taylors argument is the most contemporary cosmological argument but since the conclusion of the argument invokes an impossibility, there is no sound reasoning based off the argument to absolutely confirm the claims made by Taylor. Taylor uses the concept of PSR for his reasoning. Basically PSR states that for every cause or event, there is a reason why. So using PSR for the argument stated above, if PSR is true, then (1) is true because there are the only two possibilities, if there were any other possibilities then PSR would be false because they don’t have an explanation. If PSR is true, then (2) would
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