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White 1 Claire White Philosophy 1000 A Libertarian View After two long and tiring weeks of arduous labor, it is finally paycheck Friday. I stop by the office to pick up my check and when I open it, I see that after the 120 hours of work I put in, I only received about 80 hours worth of pay. How can this be fair? Where did all my money go? Did it go to support those who are less fortunate then me? Is it going to support the school systems, roadways, police departments, government agencies? Who is benefitting from my work? Is this considered stealing? After all, it was my money to being with. Or am I in such a social contract with the government that allows them to take money directly from me to allocate the money to where it seems most needed? From this scenario, two defenses can be taken from the libertarian view. The first being that the government is absolutely wrong in taking my money and it is considered stealing, that was my private property and I have complete control on how to spend it and what to do with it. The other side supports the government and agrees that a portion of our money is needed to provide for us and help assist those in need. In this essay, I will show both sides of the argument by explaining the theories of both John Hospers and John Rawls, and then I will prove that Rawls has the greater theory of the two. John Hospers, a traditional liberalist, in this case would reason with the side supporting that the government is wrong and should not be able to take from its citizens without their prior consent. He argues strongly against the involvement of government in the everyday lives of its citizens; he believes that the government should play as little of a role in society as possible and its main purpose is to protect its citizen’s rights at all costs from others who infringe upon those
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White 2 rights. He believes that the government should provide common defense and retaliate against its transgressors. But as soon as the government exceeds from these things, then it becomes the antagonist. One of the sayings which people relate back to Hospers is that people work hard for their money so they should be able to keep it. In Hospers essay about political libertarianism, he defines his liberal views in just a few basic concepts. He says that we as humans are of no one else’s property and therefore cannot be owned or incarcerated by others humans due to that right. He also believes that because one is not owned by any other person, he is free to do as he pleases and others cannot control his actions or regulate how he spends his money, time, or labor. In addition to the first two proposals he state a third saying how one man cannot profess another man’s products as his own. This includes labor, compositions, harvests, and essentially anything that is produced by another person. One thing that sets him apart from many other libertarians is that Hospers focuses on the importance of private property. As said in the constitution, Hospers believes that we as humans and citizens have 3 basic
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Hospers Essay - White 1 Claire White Philosophy 1000 A...

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