Marx Assessment - Claire White Due: 10.30.2007 Marx...

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Unformatted text preview: Claire White Due: 10.30.2007 Marx Assessment WRIT ING ASSIGNMENT: How accurate is Marxs assessment of the consequences of capitalism? Do you think he is right about the problems it leads to? Why or why not. How might someone defend our capitalist system against his complaints? According to Marx, capitalism tends to focus more on making a profit then the craft itself. This leads to the formation of social and economical classes. Which divide the owners from the workers or more commonly put the rich from the poor. Capitalism leads to alienation of a) worker from product, b) worker to laboring activity, c) human nature, and d) other people. These assessments are somewhat correct. Using the craftsman and the consumer example, it clearly represents how far away artisan appreciation our society has come. With product development there is no longer a connection between the producers and consumers. When the creative and personal aspect seems to be taken out of the picture, then the worker seems to get into a routine and not necessarily focused on the art of making...
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Marx Assessment - Claire White Due: 10.30.2007 Marx...

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