Test 3 Notes - [6.5] how close are sample means to...

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[6.5] how close are sample means to population means? Sample distribution: the probability distribution of a statistic o Note: statistics are random variables; parameters are constants Sample distribution of the sample mean: a probability distribution of all possible values of the sample mean computed from a sample size n from the population with mean and standard deviation Ex 1: Draw all possible samples of size 2 with replacement from the population {2,4,6}. Construct a sampling distribution of the mean o Note: the standard error of the sample mean is the standard deviation of the sample mean Impact of Sample size on sampling variability o The law of large numbers: as additional observations are added to the sample, the difference between the sample mean and the population mean approaches zero Ex: Suppose a simple random sample size of n=34 is obtained from a population with mean=30 and SD=4 o Describe the sampling distribution of the sample mean
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normal o What is the probability that the sample mean is greater than 30.2
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Test 3 Notes - [6.5] how close are sample means to...

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