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Lab 14: Procedure Proposal Part 1

Lab 14: Procedure Proposal Part 1 - Procedure Part 1...

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Procedure Part 1: Emission Spectra 1. Setup of the MeasureNet workstation a. Turn MeasureNet on using the On/Off switch b. Press Main Menu c. Press F5 Spectroscopy d. Press F1 Emission e. Press Setup (in order to set up the parameters for this experiment) f. To set the limits, press F1 (use the arrow keys to move to the highlighted areas) i. The Y -axis represents the Intensity (or brightness) of the emitted light. Change the maximum intensity to 1500 and press Enter . Change the minimum intensity to 0 ii. The X -axis represents the Wavelength of the emitted light. Leave the minimum and maximum values at the default settings g. To confirm the values into the MeasureNet, press Display . Now this work station is ready to begin the experiment 2. Obtain about 3 mL of each of the following aqueous metal ion solutions: Li + , K + , Na + , Ca 2+ , Sr 2+ , Ba 2+ , Cu 2+ , Fe 3+ 3. Additionally, obtain 3 mL of an unknown water sample and a nichrome wire. a. This unknown water sample will simulate the “Clark Fork” of the “Columbia River”
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b. Write down number for this unknown solution on Data Sheet 1 4. Clean the nichrome wire before using it in the experiment a. First, place the wire in a 50 mL bath containing 5 mL of 6M HCl. b. Next, swirl the wire in the solution for 30-40 seconds to assure that the wire is clean from contamination due to previous experiments c.
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