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Lab Pratical Steps

Lab Pratical Steps - 1 Determine the density(numerical...

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1. Determine the density (numerical value) of a solid and an unknown liquid. Liquid: 1) mass of graduated cylinder 2) mass of graduated cylinder + unknown liquid 3) mass of unknown 4) volume of unknown 5) density of unknown (g/ml) Solid: 1) mass of metal 2) volume of water 3) volume of water plus irreg. shaped metal 4) density of irrg. Shaped metal or 1) dimensions 2) volume (sphere: 4/3(pi x r^3) cylinder: (pi x r^2 x L) 3) mass 4) density 2. Determine the calorimeter constant (J/ºC) for a styrofoam cup calorimeter. a) On/Off > Main Menu > F2 Temperature vs. Time b) Half fill a 150mL beaker with ice and water c) Calibrate > 0.0 > Enter d) Insert probe into room temperature beaker e) Setup > F1 > (Y-axis) min=15-18 > enter > max= 70-75 > enter > (X-axis) min=0 >max=1500 > Display f) Place probe AND thermometer into 50mL of room temperature water> Find the difference (probe minus thermometer) g) Nest one cup inside the other h) Weigh and record dry calorimeter i) Add 50mL of water and reweigh j) Determine mass of water (COOL) k) Set up magnetic stirrer/stir bar l) Cut a slit in cardboard to go over cup for temperature probe and secure m) Set up hot plate n) Obtain 50ml of water and weigh it o) Heat the beaker containing water p) Once its between 50-60 degrees record (and apply correct temp) q) Read and record measurenet cool water temp r) Start s) Grab a towel and add hot water to cool water t) Once the temp has risen and stabilized Stop u) File Options > F3 > Enter > Display v) EQUATION!!!!!
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i) Q(calorimeter)= -[m(warm water) x (4.18J/gC) x Change in Temp (warm water)] – [m(cool water) x (4.18J/gC) x Change in Temp (cool water)] . 3. Determine the specific heat of an unknown metal. You will be given the calorimeter constant i) weigh and dry Styrofoam cups ii) add 50mL of water iii) determine mass of water iv) obtain unknown solid- put 15-20 grams into a test tube and find weight v) add 125mL of water to 250mL beaker and bring to a gentle boil vi) once boiled, put test tube in for 10 minutes (secure with clamp) vii)insert thermometer into metal, find initial and final temp viii) read and record initial temp on probe at measurenet ix) Start x) Transfer metal into calorimeter xi) Stir with wire stirrer xii)At equilibrium press Stop record temp xiii) Display xiv) EQUATION!!!!!
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