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1) Alcohol a) Ethyl Alcohol- form of alcohol that people consume i) Fermentation (1)Process of transforming certain yeasts, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen of sugar and water into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide ii) Distillation (1)Heating process that increases alcohol content iii) Amount of alcohol in standard size drink (1)Beer (a)5% alc-12 oz (2)Wine (a)12-17%-5 oz or 3 oz (3) Hard Liqour (a)80 proof-1 ½ oz b) Physiology i) Nervous System (1)Cerebrum (a) Affects judgement, reasoning and inhibitions (b)Stimulates release of serotonin (i) Which could account for the disinhibiting effect of alcohol (2)Cerebellum (a)Affects motor activity (b)Moods change quickly (c)Stimulates release of dopamine (i) Accounts for feelings of pleasure and euphoria (d)Memory loss (e)Difficulty with problem solving and decision making (3)Medulla (a)Medulla is sedated to the point that respiration could stop ii) Endocrine iii) Cardiovascular (1)Degeneration of the heart muscle (AHMD) (2)High blood pressure (3) Cardiac arrhymthias (4)Ischemic heart disease iv) Digestive c) Blood Alcohol concentrations i) .05 (1)Less alert (2)Less inhibited
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(3) Slightly impaired judgement (4)Slight euphoria ii) .08 (1)Slower reaction time (2)Impaired muscle control (3)Reduced visual and auditory acuity (4)Legal intoxication in most states iii) .40 (1)State of unconsciousness or coma (2)Half will fatally overdose without medical intervention (3)LD/50 iv) .60 (1)Death (2)LD/60 v) Average women .03/drink/hour vi) Men .25/drink/hour vii)Both genders .25/drink/hour d) Hangovers i) Causes (1)Acetaldehyde (2)Dehydration (3) Cogeners (4)Mixing Drinks ii) Cures (1)Time (2)Tylonel 2) Alcoholism a) Alcoholism i) Condition in which an individual loses control over intake of alcohol b) Alcohol abuse i) State characterized by physical, social, intellectual, emotional, or
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drugedalcohol - 1) Alcohol a) Ethyl Alcohol- form of...

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