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Shortest Distance - view of the plane i This line is always...

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Shortest Distance 1) Point to Line (distance from a point to a line at a 90 degree angle) a. Construct view where line is TL i. Project over plane that is parallel to the line b. Draw a line from the TL line to the point c. Find true length of this line i. Project over plane parallel to this line 2) Point to Plane (always a line from the point to the plane that hits at 90 degree angle) a. Construct the line view of the plane i. Select a TL line on the plane ii. Project over plane perpendicular to the TL line b. Draw/measure the line from the point to the edge
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Unformatted text preview: view of the plane i. This line is always TL 3) Line to Line (line connecting the two lines that is perpendicular to both) a. Construct a point view of either line b. Construct a line from the point to the other line that intersects at a 90 degree angle c. This line is TL Note: 1) Only one of two lines has to be TL to know if they perpendicular. If angle between them is 90 degrees in any view that has one TL line, they are perpendicular....
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