Mechanical Testing Overview - c Ultimate Tensile Strength d...

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Mechanical Testing Overview Steven Segal 10/9/07
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A.The Purpose of Mechanical Testing a. Aids in the selection of an engineering material for a particular application b. Provide information of empirical, rather than fundamental, significance. c. Collected data/info is useful to designers, fabricators, and researchers B. Types of Testing a. Tension/Compression Test i. Tests the ability of a material to carry a static load b. Hardness Test i. Evaluates a material’s resistance to plastic deformation c. Impact Test i. Determines the toughness of a material to conditions of shock loading d. Fatigue Test i. Evaluates the useful lifetime of a material under cyclic loading conditions e. Creep and Stress-rupture Test i. Evaluates the strength and useful lifetime of materials subject to a load at elevated temperatures for long periods of time
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The Tension Test Equations: a) Engineering Stress b) Engineering Strain
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Unformatted text preview: c) Ultimate Tensile Strength d) Percent Elongation e) Percent Reduction in Area f) Young’s Modulus g) Toughness h) Modulus of Resilience Notable Points on Stress-Strain Diagram: a) Yield Stress (no offset) b) Ultimate Tensile Strength c) Fracture Stress d) Offset Yield Stress: Used when material does NOT exhibit a sharp yield point Types of Deformation: a) Homogeneous Deformation: deformation uniform throughout the entire shaft. This type of deformation occurs from the origin to Ultimate Tensile Strength b) Onset of Plastic Instability: This occurs at the Ultimate Tensile Strength . Here, failure is initiated. c) Heterogeneous Deformation: Localized deformation at the middle of the specimen. This occurs from The Ultimate Tensile Strength to Point of Failure Working With a Strip Chart- ΔL = (crosshead velocity)(time)...
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Mechanical Testing Overview - c Ultimate Tensile Strength d...

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