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Section 1.3 - BC /A, in the section. From this diagram, we...

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Section 1.3: Stresses in the Members of a Structure - More information that just the internal force (i.e. F BC = 30N) must be found to see if the material is sufficient to hold a load. We also must investigate cross-sectional area of a rod (or other support) and its material o F BC actually represents the resultant of elementary forces distributed over the entire cross-sectional area, A, and the intensity of these distributed forces is equal to the force per unit, F
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Unformatted text preview: BC /A, in the section. From this diagram, we obtain = P/A , where:- = stress on A-P = axial load-A= Area subject to load Possible Signs-A + sign indicates a tensile stress, or a member in tension-A sign indicates a member in compression Units SI Metric Units U.S. Customary Units P Newtons Pounds, Kilopounds (kips) A meters 2 inches 2 N/m 2 (Pascal) lbs./in 2 , kips/in 2 1 KPa = 10 3 Pa 1MPa = 10 6 Pa 1 GPa = 10 9 Pa...
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