Section 1.4 - Pa = 159 MPa Therefore σ> σ all so Rod BC...

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Section 1.4: Analysis and Design In this FBD, we know that rod BC has a diameter of 20”. We also know the force of the rod to be 50 kN, F BC . However, that is just basic Statics. Now we use what we know about stress to see if the rod can actually support this system. We are now given new information. We are told rod BC is made of steel and has a maximum allowable stress, σ all = 165 MPa. P = F BC = +50 kN = 50 x 10 A= = = 314 x 10 σ = 159 x 10
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Unformatted text preview: Pa = 159 MPa Therefore, σ > σ all , so Rod BC can safely support the subjected load. That example was an Analysis example; this can also be applied to a design problem. Here, we have rod BC that is made up of aluminum. We are given σ all = 100 MPa. The same force, P, is used. What must the diameter of the rod be for it to hold the given load? Therefore, a 26” diameter Aluminum rod will be sufficient to hold F BC...
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