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Assignment #1 Hypothesis - does global warming in the winter months make the price of crude oil in the USA decrease? Theory - with the rise in temperature people will use less heat which means less oil will be used, and in turn will lower the price of oil. Less demand will lower the cost. Testing - Track and collect data on the average temperature of the winter months over the last couple years, when global warming was apparent. Then track the average cost of a barrel of oil during the same time period. See if there is a direct relationship between the two. Collect data of the present year’s cost of oil and temperature. Finally see if there is any consistency between the current price and past price.
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Unformatted text preview: Then as a control, compare the costs of oil and temperature in the non winter months. Revise theory- If there is a decrease of price due to weather than hypothesis is correct, if not then correct statement accordingly. This problem can be solved relativity easy through the scientific method. By having information about past price changes and weather conditions, one can come to a conclusion about the effect of global warming and the price of oil. A problem that cannot be solved by scientific method would be: How do you love somebody. Love is an emotion which cannot be solved by testing. It has no steps that can be followed to come to a scientific conclusion....
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anth_homework_1 - Then as a control compare the costs of...

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