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Exam 1 Review Session

Exam 1 Review Session - BCOR 2400 Exam 1 Study Guide Spring...

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BCOR 2400 Exam 1 Study Guide Spring 2008 Note: A question and answer review session will be held for exam 1 on Wed., Feb. 27 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Duane G1B30. Exam Date: Thursday, February 28 Exam Coverage: Chapters 1-4, Marketing Math Format: Multiple Choice and Short Answer Please bring picture identification to the exam. Anything discussed in class or covered in the text is fair game on the exam unless noted otherwise by the instructor. The one general exception is that I will not test you over the opening material or supplementary material in the text chapters. For instance, I will not test you on the material contained in the opening vignette of Chapter 1 that discusses Rollerblade nor would I ask questions specifically related to the material in the box on page 13 discussing cell phones and distracted driving. However, the basic marketing concepts that relate to the these examples are considered important. The best means for studying for the exam will be to sit down and study your class notes and PowerPoint slides along with the material in your text book. In most cases, the material covered in class is deemed to be the most important and/or the more difficult material. Therefore, it is wise to study that material in- depth (both from lecture and the text), while not completely discounting other material found only in the text. Be sure to study topics discussed in class that do not appear in your text, as this material is often included on exams. The one exception to this is our discussion of articles from The Wall Street Journal , these discussions will not be covered on the exam. You may use a calculator on the exam. Cell phone calculators are not permitted and all cell phones must be put away during the exam.
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