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Introduction to GIS 1 Geography 360: GIS & Mapping Vaishnavi Thakar
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Review What were the topics discussed on Monday (Jan 07) during the lecture? 2
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Review Syllabus on Canvas How to access course syllabus, lecture notes, readings, schedule (labs, assignments, exams) on canvas. Lab sections, lab location and lab timings based on sections. Submit Assignment 00 (10 points) on canvas : Self Introduction Tips : How to succeed in this class. Class Participation: 3 1. Bring a A4 size sheet( s) to every lecture session. 2. Write answers to all questions asked during each lecture session. 3. submit hard copy during the labs session to their TA. 4. (Monday, Friday = Tuesday; Wednesday = Thursday). 5. TIP: Take a picture on your cell phone/scan the sheets to create a digital copy and save 6. before you submit them to your TA (in case you loose your paper copy). 7. Every week, we will randomly select a day (M/W/F) and grade that sheet. 8. In total, this quarter has 10 weeks. Only 8 sheet submissions will count towards your final 9. score (10%).
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Prepare for Class Participation Write your Name, Section, Day, Date, Topic on your sheets. Write your responses to all questions asked during the lecture. 4
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