4 - Between 1861-1920 about 23 million people immigrated to...

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Between 1861-1920 about 23 million people immigrated to the US How did we get all of them half way across the world? Steamship greatly helped. Push v. Pull factors that led to the 23 million that immigrated to US 1) due to advances in medicine and sanitation, population in Europe exploded. Lots of pressure put on governments and food supplies. – needed a escape valve to releieve the pressure (PUSH) 2) industrial revolution. Higher wages in US. U.S. was an egalitarian place. Upward social mobility. (PUSH) 3) transfer from agriculture. Small scale practiced in Europe. After industrial revolution, it turned to big scale farms, and a lot of people lost their jobs. Lots of land in America which made it enticing. A bigger opportunity. People who stayed behind realized that the life of the farm wasn’t going to last much longer and told their kids that they had to find a new craft and it could be found in US. (PUSH) 1) America in belief was a (PULL). It was thought that America was different where you could get away. Horatio Alger concept of America (PULL)ed people. “old immigration” came from northern and western Europe – spoke English, and were more accepted 1882 – peak in old immigration big difference between these two (immigration) in language, culture, ethnicity. . everything. “new immigration” came from eastern and southern Europe – replaced old immigration because birth rate declined in NW. and by this time the industrial revolution was sweeping through the SE also because US expansion stopped and valve dissapeared most SE countries had autocrat government. After time they shifted to democratic government which made it easier for people to leave their country. old immigration declined because conflict in Europe made countries realize they were losing their man power that they could potetionally need for warfare, so countries lowered the amount of immigration out of their country. 1848- tai ping rebellion. Chinese PUSHed out of their country and went to US. Most went and worked for central pacific.
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Not many japonese immigrated. Most went to Hawaii pre-paid passage system steamship companies set up branches in major cities on both sides (old and new world), so that relatives in America could pay for their families over
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4 - Between 1861-1920 about 23 million people immigrated to...

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