CYCLE 1 REVISED - Nguyen 1 The Heat in Cheating How many...

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Nguyen 1 The Heat in Cheating How many people are unfaithful to their partner? What do people consider being unfaithful? Is there a reason behind any of this? Cheating in today’s society has become more and more prevalent. However, what constitutes as cheating according to the public’s standards? Different perspectives have been shaped and questions created on this particular subject ( Editors). Such include that when one cheats, he/she realizes the importance of their significant other and come to the understanding that what one did was indeed wrong. However, an opposing view stands to exist that being in a relationship is concrete, set in stone, a commitment to be unbroken by infidelity. The fundamental question brought up, therefore, is what is cheating? Recently, I conducted a survey amongst twenty random male and twenty random female students here at JMU. I warmed up the survey by posing a question to all forty participants: if someone spent more time with a person than their significant other, is it considered cheating? All forty participants answered no; they all responded by stating that being in a relationship shouldn’t pose any restraints on one’s social life. The next question was: if someone kissed a person other than their significant other, would this be considered cheating? Sixteen males and seventeen females answered yes while four males and three females answered no. The majority of the group that answered yes stated that a kiss is a sign of affection and should only be expressed towards the person you are in a relationship with. On the contrary, the no group said that a kiss is a kiss and there isn’t anything special about it—kissing friends is normal and shouldn’t be frowned upon. The final question in this survey was: is engaging in sexual activity considered cheating? Of course all forty people surveyed answered yes and reasoned that any
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CYCLE 1 REVISED - Nguyen 1 The Heat in Cheating How many...

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