Review sheet for GCOM test 1

Review sheet for GCOM test 1 - Test one is 40 questions...

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Test one is 40 questions long and it is true/false and multiple choice and the test is worth 40 points. The test covers chapters 1,3,4 and 14-18 You should review the following concepts: 1. The different models of communication: a. Linear- one way b. Interactive- added feedback c. Transactional- provides two insights 2. Interpersonal Communication a. Dyadic communication; transaction that takes place between two people 3. Self esteem a. The evaluative element of self-perception 4. Intrapersonal Communication a. communicating with yourself 5. Primacy Effect a. Tendency to perceive information presented first as more important than information presented 6. Cognitive Dissonance a. The unpleasant feeling produced by seemingly inconsistent thoughts 7. Sensory Processing a. 8. Fundamental Attribution Theory a. it's supposed to be Fundamental attribution Error (the definition is in the glossary) 9. Selective memory bias a. The tendency to remember information that supports our stereotypes but to forget information that contradicts them 10. Different types of noise: physical, psychological, etc a. Physical- external, environmental distractions b. Physiological noise- biological influences, pounding heart c. Psychological noise- form of preconceptions, biases, assumptions d. Semantic noise- form of word choice that is confusing or distracting also
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Review sheet for GCOM test 1 - Test one is 40 questions...

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