1-15-08 - Reconstruction- process of rebuilding the south...

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Reconstruction- process of rebuilding the south 1865-1877 Refers to both the process and the time frame. States of the confederacy recombined with loyal states constitutionally. Civil war was 5 years reconstruction was 12 years: issues were complex. 1. Result of Civil war - 2 things were decided, a. the US was indivisible, no succession allowed/possible, unity. b. 2ndly slavery had to end. 2. Key unresolved issues: a. What is the role of the newly freed slaves b. How were states going to be brought back in? i. defeated colony? ii. Restoration? c. Restoration- south restored ASAP i. Pro-union, loyal govt. in south by federal power 1. d. Reconstruction- opportunity to rebuild the US i. Rebuild with rights for ‘slaves’, economic equality 1. Radical republicans, wanted abolition before reaccepting e. Redemption i. Complete control back to south 1. White democratic southerners 3. Lincoln a. Union army occupied much of south b. Sets forth plan for fixing south c. Wanted rapid restoration, argued never legally left union
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d. Said once 10% of south (men) took oath of allegiance they could organize and run their govt e. Lenient plan, does not insist on black equality i. Hopes it helps south reconcile 4. Congress a. Opposes Lincoln’s plan, do not like a president being so powerful, doesn’t cover newly freed slaves. Republicans fighting for guarantees for freed slaves. b. Propose Wade-Davis Bill (July 1864)- Proposes 50% of south needs to make oath of loyalty , states must write new constitution without slaves, must repay civil war debt, need to ensure no confederate leaders may be elected 5. Johnson
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1-15-08 - Reconstruction- process of rebuilding the south...

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