PHIL STUDY GUIDE - 1. In Robins case most people would want...

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1. In Robins case most people would want her to be put to death simply because her acts are disgusting. This is true, what she did was a major crime and she also caused a lot of pain in other peoples lives. Although there are good arguments for not executing her as well. For example it’s a very hypocritical to kill someone in such a painful way when she is being punished for that same action. Lethal injection and other forms of execution could also be considered forms of cruel and unusual punishment. Some may even say that a lifetime in jail is a worse punishment than being killed. Then again in my opinion Robin should be put to death for what she did to those children and the pain she has caused in their families. By killing her we know that she can never do this to another individual again. We are preventing future crimes. Everyone has heard of the phrase, “an eye for an eye” and I believe that should really be brought into mind when discussing capital punishment. There is a sense of justice by killing Robin. The feeling that someone harmful, ugly, and sinful has been put to death is satisfying to many, especially the families of victims. 2. According to the Vatican sexual content is moral if and only if it ends with procreation. The four functions of sexual organs are procreation, pleasure, love, and intimacy. In the end oral, homosexual, and anal sex could fit into all of those categories except for procreation. Love, pleasure, and intimacy are all shown through other types of sexual
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PHIL STUDY GUIDE - 1. In Robins case most people would want...

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