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1.23 (Beamers goals, ACC, Hayakawa, E+E, Odie)

1.23 (Beamers goals, ACC, Hayakawa, E+E, Odie) - Beamer's...

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Beamer’s goals 1. win a. winning program i. year in and year out the teams do well. Go to a bowl every year b. winning season c. win this next game 2. Graduation Rates a. If a student comes in on a scholarship, he has 6 years to do it. People who go pro early count against the graduation rate 3. Don’t do things that disrespect the school a. Bar fight, drugs, etc. Dr. Steger 1. top 30 research university 2. University raises 1 billion dollars in funds a. The way you do it is you have a silent phase for about half the time, so that way when you announce it you are already on a roll. In fundraising, you want to get the low hanging fruit first (most money donors). This was announced last fall 3. Admission into the ACC a. It didn’t seem that we had enough money coming into the football program. We are in a little college town. But then the ACC president decided that they wanted to go from 9 12. Miami was first to go, and they said that they should bring Boston College and Syracuse. We were left out in the cold. For the expansion of the 9 schools you need 7
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