2.6 (informal organization examples)

2.6 (informal organization examples) - University...

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University Foundation – basically manages money, but not state money - endowment given - if given 100,000 they might invest 6% and give out 4% for establishing a scholarship Development – people responsible for raising money, term unique for a university - We have a V P for Development - she has a staff of her own but the dean of eng also has a development person, who is related to the VP of development and to the Enge dean this is the same with the athletics department. Turf Battles When Torg was pres he contacted Eric Schmidt (grass cutter/ google) - before he was in google - want to be our commencement speaker? And he did - want to give us 250,000 for a professorship in economics in honor of his father? And he did - later, when he joins google, has billions of dollars. The enge department wants a 2 million dollar chair to support the dean. - So he contacts Eric, and plants the seed - Eric gets into the National Academy of Engineering, so he is going to talk to him there - But then the economic department wants to contact Eric to get money - At the dinner, he says to contact me again, and it turns out he sends him 2 million - But because the Economics department wanted to contact Eric and so they got pissed bc enge got 2 million and they got nothing. -
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2.6 (informal organization examples) - University...

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