2.15 (Nanook, optimization, goals products)

2.15 (Nanook, optimization, goals products) - Inuit Eskimos...

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Inuit – Eskimos Nanook of the north - go into the Hudson bay, frozen, and hunt and such - maybe 90 yrs ago in northern Canada - look like ewoks - flannery, mining engineer originally, did the film - 1 st time a film like this has been done - People studied the film later, and it turns out that it was a little staged - Nanook was acting like how Eskimos lived in the 1800’s during this time they had guns and knives, more of a depiction than actual occurrence - Bout 30,000 of them, life isn’t that great for them - They now have satellite television and snowmobiles, but not good education, and lots of drug, alcohol use and suicide rates How do you effect specialization - key is that you take a goal, sub divide, sub divide, until you get to activities, which you try to group. And you bring in specialist which you tend to group as well - back to NY transportation - 6 main operations o Car maintenance o Maintenance of way o Transportation o Stations o Power o Police - Activity leads towards a goal, which leads to a product/service. How our the
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2.15 (Nanook, optimization, goals products) - Inuit Eskimos...

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