2.18 (incentives, material, Hawthorne, salaries)

2.18 (incentives, material, Hawthorne, salaries) - Guy who...

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Guy who worked in Africa, didn’t get paid a lot, was a teacher, loved his job, so he had incentives that weren’t material. The goal of the organization was enough for him Incentives - four specific (can be given) o 1. Material Money, Barnard says, “money is not as important as people think it is.” And health benefits and such. Stock options. Get stock options, makes you wealthy Google man’s salary is one dollar, but the stocks are worth 500 and he has like 10,000,000 of them Coach Beamer – has a 1,000,000 dollar annuity at the end of ten years, bc they want to keep him. (annuity) Another form is that they put money in an account, and they pay you for service after you retire. Good for tax purposes. Roll over Contract, you would want a rollover contract for security and if you work under beamer, then you know you are set, get extra year(s) Salary Numbers, Barnard 1938. he says money isn’t everything Up till then was money was everything, ford motor
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  • Spring '08
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  • Salary, Ford Motor Company, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Frank Beamer, university david rosell

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2.18 (incentives, material, Hawthorne, salaries) - Guy who...

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